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Making Cancer History a Part of Your Legacy TOO

We hope that prostate cancer hasn’t touched your life, but unfortunately for one in nine, it has. So much is still unknown about the disease, its cause and progression. There is no cure nor is there a standard treatment plan which doctors agree upon, leaving patients overwhelmed, confused, fearful and frustrated about which course of action to pursue.

Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research seeks to change that. The mission is simple - raise awareness of prostate cancer and fund research for a non-invasive cure.

Securing grants and funding to support research for the discovery of a cure is extremely difficult because pure research is regarded as a cost center (meaning non-revenue generating). Tragically, many labs have been forced to suspend promising research and close their doors due to lack of funding. TPCR is partnering with generous individuals and magnanimous businesses in the private sector to raise monies to support research for the cure.


"Join with me in raising awareness of prostate cancer. Talk about your experience, refer people to this website for further information or give them my cellphone and encourage them to call, text or write to me.


If you choose to financially support the GLIPR1 research for the cure, I can assure you that I take my role as Steward of your donated dollars very seriously. I closely monitor that all contributions are used to advance the research on the GLIPR1 and that all donations are offered ‘in addition to” and not (as is so commonly done) in lieu of other funding which the institution may have in place. I also oversee that none of your contributions are used for administrative or building costs.” 

- Tony Masraff



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