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“Unlike most foundations formed around medical causes, I’m not looking for breakthrough treatments, new surgical techniques or the next best medication to control the effects of this disease. I am focusing all my energies and funding research for the cure.

Cancer has been a big business for decades and is becoming increasingly very lucrative for all involved. Think about the revenue-generating areas like pharmaceutical production of medications, manufacturing and sales of diagnostic machines, surgical supplies, and treatment program research, salaries and capital campaigns for the design and construction of new hospital buildings. Had those dollars been focused on research for a CURE, cancer would already be a chapter of history, instead of a chapter of MY story.

The truth is that so-called ‘non-profit medical centers’ are PROFIT MINDED. My desire is to put them out of business by supporting our researchers in discovering a cure for prostate and other cancers.

We continue to make great strides in pursuing a preventive vaccine and a non-invasive cure for prostate cancer using the GLIPR1 protein. I am funding research for a non-invasive cure.”

~ Tony Masraff

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