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Research scientist Timothy Thompson, PhD has attributed the following advancements and breakthroughs in research to the direct gift support from Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research foundation. He said, "...what we are doing with the GLIPR1 is a paradigm shift in the medical community which couldn’t have been possible without Tony Masraff’s support and involvement over the years.”

  1. Development of the GLIPR1-dTM protein therapeutic

  2. Initiation of toxicology and pharmacokinetic studies necessary for IND submission and FDA approval

  3. Development of clinical grade GMP GLIPR1-dTM for Phase 1B clinical trial.

Specific advancements leading us towards conducting ‘proof of principal’ in clinical human trials:

  • Contracting with scientists and biotechnology companies to begin the development phase of the production of a purified form of the GLIPR1 protein, in preparation for its ultimate use on our first group of men with advanced stage cancer.

  • Once the FDA approves the purified version of the GLIPR 1 protein, we will again conduct in-vivo, therapeutic dose on mice and then follow with primates.

  • Experimental human testing phase will follow and provide proof that the GLIPR1 acts as we predict, from the evidence that we have found in the lab. We will 1) measure the drug, 2) measure the concentration in tissue where it is supposed to go and 3) measure the concentration of the c-myc (a gene which is expressed causing cell proliferation and contributing to cancer cell formation) to see if it shuts down the c-myc.

Since launching TPCR in 2002, the research supported by Tony Prostate Cancer Research Foundation has led to: 

  • The continuation of the very promising research on the GLIPR1 protein which was scheduled to be suspended due to funding cutbacks

  • A paradigm-shift in research. Rethinking cancer therapy to use biological therapy-molecules our body produces to neutralize cancer cell reproduction.

  • According to Research Scientist Tim Thompson,PhD: Unprecedented discoveries in the identification, research and development of the GLIPR1 protein therapy for the cure and subsequent FDA approval for its use in humans in Phase 1B testing. 

  • Closing-in on the event that starts cancer growth, identifying genes, diet and behaviors

  • Developing a method of GLIPR1 protein modifications and purifications, which when injected systemically will allow it to seek out prostate cancer cells.

  • Discovery that the presence of GLIPR1 facilitates the success of chemotherapy in some cases.

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