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It was 1999, when 62 year old Houstonian Tony Masraff told his family that he would be leaving a legacy of which he was not proud. He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and learned that his sons, George and Russell, now had a 33% greater chance of developing the disease. Tony was determined to do all that he could to change the course of history and to build a legacy on the discovery of a non-invasive cure for prostate cancer in his lifetime.


Every doctor he consulted recommended immediate treatments which included surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. His prognosis was dire. Six months to two years they said. There was no cure. Although they could possibly extend his life, the side effects of the suggested treatments were debilitating and could probably include incontinence and impotence. The negative impact on the quality of his remaining days was not acceptable to Tony. 

So instead, Tony decided to forgo the conventional treatments and opted for a more measured ‘watchful waiting’ approach which included periodic screenings to monitor the growth of the tumors. ‘Active Surveillance’ is currently a protocol and is recommended to a large percentage of newly diagnosed men with slow growing cancers. Statistics now show that in a large percentage of these men, surgery has been determined to be premature or unnecessary. Over time it was discovered that most men will die WITH prostate cancer and not OF prostate cancer.

“Cancer is not a death sentence. It is a wake-up call! Embrace cancer education and make a treatment decision that is regret free. Don’t resign yourself to surgery or make hasty decisions without researching what is right for you. I encourage anyone faced with prostate cancer to get a second opinion…and a third!”

with support and encouragement, Tony Masraff


Tony created Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research, a 501c (3) foundation, which ultimately led to unprecedented discoveries in the identification, research and development of the GLIPR1 protein for the cure. Tony raised the seed-money to start the foundation by running the Houston Marathon at the age of 65. Never having so much as run around the block, Tony trained with his daughter Markley and together they completed the Houston Marathon. “He did it! My Dad completed the race in 5 hours and raised $120,000, despite the fact that his legs gave way and he had to crawl the last 15 feet!” exclaimed proud daughter Markley Masraff Berg. Tony hasn’t run again since but his work with the foundation continues!

In addition to volunteering his time with TPCR, Tony receives calls daily from newly diagnosed men the world over, who are seeking unbiased information, compassion and ways to get involved in advancing the research for the cure. Tony can be reached on his cell or by text at 713-376-1950 or by email at

A graduate of Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo in Math and Aeronautical Engineering, Tony was recognized as Houston’s Entrepreneur of the Year 1989 in High Technology. In partnership with his son Russell, Tony now runs the Masraff Family of Restaurants.

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Tony is the proud father of three wonderful children, George, Russell and Markley and nine spirited grandchildren. Tony credits his passion and drive for a cure for prostate cancer to his family and their tireless efforts in support of the foundation.

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