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Why isn’t cancer just a footnote to a chapter of history, instead of an unfolding chapter of HIS story."

lamented Markley Masraff Berg, when she learned her dad Tony Masraff was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research Foundation (TPCR) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 2002 by Houstonian Tony Masraff.


With a mission to raise awareness and fund research leading to the development of a non-invasive cure of prostate cancer. 

To this end, TPCR beneficiaries include renowned medical institutions and U.S and Canadian bio-technology researchers in the area of essential research leading to a more profound understanding of the disease, its progression, cell immune responses and host susceptibility to rapid cell mutation. 

The Masraff family has demonstrated an abiding commitment to collaborate with the private philanthropic sector to raise funds to support biomedical research, FDA required safety testing of the GLIPR1 and the GLIPR1 GNP development for clinical trials. 



Dr. Christopher Logothetis (Chairman Genitourinary Medicine MDA) declared that the GLIPR1 therapy “…will forever change the way the world views all cancers.”

Dr. Christopher Logothetis.png

In layman’s terms, the GLIPR1 is the natural cancer-suppressing protein which is present in our healthy organs. The GLIPR1 therapy has proven to be effective in a lab setting in protecting against the new growth of cancer cells in exposed animals, in destroying existing prostate cancer tumors, all the while showing no measurable side effects.

To quote from the Research Results Section of the October 2017 Progress Report by Timothy Thompson, PhD regarding the unique properties of the GLIPR 1, “It not only kills cancer cells, but also suppresses angiogenic activities and stimulates T-cell mediated response against cancer cells…”

According to Research Scientist Timothy Thompson, PhD “… what we are doing with the GLIPR1 is a paradigm shift in the medical community which couldn’t have been possible without Tony Masraff’s support and involvement over the years.”

Dr. Timothy Thompson.png


When Susan Whitacre, volunteer and fiancé to Tony Masraff, was asked why she devoted over a decade of her life and countless hours to a man’s disease, she said, 

“You would be mistaken to believe that cancer of the prostate affects only men. It also profoundly affects the lives of the women who love them; their mothers, their daughters, their wives, their sisters and their friends. I’m driven to make sure that women ‘get’ prostate cancer...not contract it, but understand the disease, the available treatment options and its implications on our lives. 

Offering our time and our talents and our resources to the philanthropic efforts for research for the cure, enriches every one of our individual lives, that of our fathers, our husbands, our sons, our families and our community as well.

It reaches across generations …carrying the promise of a future which is cancer free for our children, it bridges the gender divide…offering information, resources and options to men and hope and support to the women who love them.”

Women, I hope the information Tony and I share, will help you to ‘get’ prostate cancer.  It is so important for us to be informed so that we can be supportive of the men in our lives who face this disease. Knowledge will be the power we need to strengthen us throughout this journey. Knowledge will fortify us as we help our son/father/husband/brother to temper the knee-jerk reactions to “cut-it-out, just cut the cancer out”.  Knowledge will strengthen us to keep things in perspective, and to be compassionate and understanding during the challenging times. Knowledge will be our source of comfort as we encourage our loved one to make informed decisions about their treatment plan, to remain proactive in maintaining their health and to avoid surrendering control of their body to medical professionals.

If you’d like to talk, or share your story with me, I can be reached by text or phone at 281.513.4009 or by email at Susan@SIR.HOUSE




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