Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research - Cancer History in the Making

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One INCREDIBLE Cause…Be a Part of History!



MDA & TPCR have identified a “CURE” for Prostate Cancer



THE CAUSE - help find a non-invasive cure for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in men, but only five percent of federal research dollars are allocated to it. We hope that prostate cancer hasn’t touched your life, but unfortunately for one in six, it has. Doctors often disagree on effective treatment forcing the patient to choose between quality and quantity of life, thus catapulting many into the throws of confusion and frustration. Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research seeks to change that. The mission is simple - raise awareness of prostate cancer and fund research for a non-invasive cure. You can help.

Tony Masraff (founder of TPCR) not long after receiving his diagnosis of prostate cancer that he founded TPCR to fund the cure he couldn't find. Since 2001, and because of the generosity of the people of Houston, over $7.0 Million has been raised to support the on-going research for the cure of prostate cancer at the internationally acclaimed University of Texas, M D Anderson Cancer Center. Tony personally oversees the distribution of the funds entrusted to TPCR and makes sure that all donations, past , present and future will always be directed towards Research to find a non-invasive Cure for Prostate Cancer, which we firmly believe will lead to a cure for all cancers. 



Tony humbly accepted the following awards and recognitions, in honor of all the faithful volunteers and generous supporters of TPCR;

  • The Jefferson Award for my philanthropic efforts with TPCR. This prestigious award was created by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and is considered the Nobel Prize for the common man.
  • Tony's Prostate Cancer Research nomination as the Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation, presented by the Association of Fund Raising Professionals Greater Houston Chapter.
  • The official proclamation by Houston Mayor, Anise Parker, declaring September 14th, 2010 "Tony Masraff Day in Houston" for TPCR’s work in advancing the research towards the cure of prostate cancer and for my work as Patient Advocate in support of cancer patients and their loved ones.

The research supported by TPCR made a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in its discovery of GLIPR1 - a protein that acts as a natural suppressor to cancer development. As a protein it represents a non-toxic treatment for prostate cancer. it has been proven 100% effective in protecting against the growth of cancer in exposed animals, suppressing the continued growth of existing cancer cells and eliminating prostate cancer tumors in a laboratory setting with no side effects. MDA is proceeding through the process with the FDA for safety testing and eventual clinical trials.  The cure we have been seeking could be on the horizon !!!


“Dr. Thompson is developing a solution…developing a marker that the drug is working in people.” Said Dr. Logothetis. You may wonder how the GLIPR-1 is getting into cells and trafficking the protein in the cells. It is similar to a cholera or Ricin toxin, giving us clues to better monitor it.  What this could mean is that with an injection of GLIPR-1,  prostate cancer can be eradicated.



What it Will Take

What would it take to be autocathlytic to “conduct proof of principle” trials?  “ We’ll go to humans and provide proof that it acts as we predict, from the evidence that we’ve found in the lab:

  • measure the DRUG
  • measure the concentration in tissue where its supposed to go
  • measure the concentration of c-myc (did it shut-down c-myc)

We can do it here, in the lab at MDA for about $4 -$5 million vs the $20 million it would take to follow the traditional ways and go to outside sources. Once these things have been measured, this is the point that investors will be attracted to this.  The traditional way is cost prohibitive and years away.

Based upon Tony’s past & recent experiences as a Patient Advocate, I believe that we may never see a cure for either Prostate or Breast Cancer, without the advocacy and financial support from the Private Sector.  Won't you join me in making the cure for prostate cancer a part of your enduring legacy? I believe that together we can close in on the cure for prostate cancer in my lifetime.

TPCR needs major sponsorship support to get the research team at MD Anderson across the finish line. TPCR has 2 Major fundraisers each year as detailed in the attached. We also accept general donations, “in honor of” and “memoriam” contributions – visit our website for details.



Currently, TPCR has three major techniques for raising awareness of our need and raising funds, which include;

  • Our 9th Annual Celebrity Golf Event at Champions Golf Club held April 20, 2015.
  • Our 11th Annual Wine Extravaganza which is scheduled for September 19, 2015.
  • Specialized Power Lunches at Masraff’s Restaurant where we invite charitable organization leaders, key corporate executives and high net worth individuals. Dr. Timothy Thompson – the GLIPR1 MDACC research team leader – provides an interactive session on the GLIPR1 research.

We also maintain an extensive mailing and email list and do occasional email and mailings to provide updates on our mission in hopes to raise additional funding. We keep our website current (, where donors can get donation forms and even pay on-line. 

April 20, 2015 - (we have sold out 3 years in a row with 61 groups in 2014) - the 2015 Event is Scheduled for Monday April 20, 2015 at Champions Golf Club 

TPCR joins forces with Celebrities (from major sports including baseball and football as well as TV & Radio personalities) to bring an exciting charity golf event to Houston, which will include;

  • Major sports Figures from baseball and football as well as TV & Radio personalities bring your own foursome and spend the day on the course with such great local names as Bob & Ken Aspromonte, Matt Musil, Doug Pike, Art Howe, Phil Garner, Jimmy Wynn, Carl Warwick, Larry Dierker and many others.

  •  Pre-Event Celebrity Celebration Dinner at Masraff’s Restaurant for major team sponsors & celebrities – Sunday Night before the golf event at 6 pm.

On Saturday – September 19, 2015 (2014 saw 600 guests and raised over $600,000); The Wynden will host the Wine Extravaganza that features;

  • Wine tasting that will allow guests to explore wines from over 90 wineries. Representatives from the wineries will be there to educate and inform while guests taste wines from some of finest vineyards in the world.
  • Amazing fare that will be noted as one of the most unique in town, demonstrating the true talent of Masraff’s Restaurant.


I’m excited to bring you up-to date on the status of the research of the GLIPR1, a natural cancer suppressant protein found in our organs. This was possible through the generous donations and attendance at our past fund raiser events.

In a nutshell:

  • we are curing 100% of  human prostate cancer in mice with no detectable side-effects
  • we received FDA approval for Phase 1B experimental testing on humans  and quickly
  • contracted with a  Bio Technology Company, per FDA requirement, to begin producing a purified form of the GLIPR 1 protein in preparation for its use on our first group of men with advanced stage prostate cancer.
  • Development of the GLIPR1 protein therapy for the cure began first quarter 2014
  • Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research foundation owns exclusive rights to the GLIPR1 protein therapy for the cure Patents
  • To date TPCR has raised approximately 8 million dollars for research that has led to the current status of the GLIPR protein.
  • The development phase, our next phase of the GLIPR1 will cost $4M. We have already raised $2.5M . We are over half-way there!
  • to stay on target with our timeline, we are challenged to raise another $1.5 by next spring


TIMELINE for Mouse, Primate and Human TESTING

  • within the first quarter of 2015, we anticipate testing mice with the FDA approved purified version of the protein,
  • followed in the summer by similar testing on monkeys and finally
  • in the last quarter of 2015 (or early 2016) our first group of men will receive the GLIPR1 protein therapy for the cure !
  • I’m looking forward to celebrating these milestones with you. I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

My sincerest thanks for making cancer history a part of your legacy too!!

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