A Word from Our Supporters

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The unique mission of Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research (TPCR ) foundation has captivated not only the Houston community and inspired their generous support, but has also reached a dedicated and diverse group of volunteers, donors and philanthropists across the country and internationally as well. Broad based local community support includes: financial support from individuals and corporations, countless hours volunteered and many and varied gifts-in-kind.

Tony encourages volunteers, supporters and donors to become involved and assume leadership roles. Quarterly luncheon forums and lab visits attended by the Research Scientist, the Head of the Department of Genitourinary Medicine who oversees the research and often the President of M D Anderson provide an intimate setting to ask questions, challenge assumptions, monitor the use of funds, share perspectives, report the progress and learn of the potential impact the research implies. Around the table, patients, donors, volunteers, the MDA administration and research scientists coalesce as a team in a supportive, hope-filled and empowering way. That kind of teamwork is very unique. According to Dr. Logothetis, it is remarkable that Tony Masraff is able to expand the physician/researcher partnership to include “… the patient into the picture so that he has a voice and can actually drive the direction of the research.”

Tony is humbled anew by each dollar pledged, each new volunteer, each new sponsor and by each individual who reaches out to him.

Individuals from all walks of life, large corporations and small businesses have all been inspired to partner with Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research and everyone has something unique to offer.


Broad-based Community Support

Fort Bend County rancher Billy Jaynes, of Exclusive Genetics (www.exclusivegenetics.com), takes the concept of “unique" to a new level in the generous donation of a a competitive Bucking Bull of the finest breeding, named 'Tony's Triumph' as an auction item for the Annual Fund Raiser, An Evening of Hope: Wine Extravaganza, held October 8th,2010.

The bull is valued at $10,000 with the potential to earn the winning bidder a half a Million dollars ($500,000.00) in three years.

As one business owner (who wishes to remain anonymous) said, “I lost my shirt investing in the stock market. It wasn’t fun. I have nothing to show for it. And I look stupid. I’m planning on bidding on this Bucking Bull because this is an investment that will make a positive impact on my life and the lives of future generations…guaranteed! I’ll be supporting the on-going research for the cure, get tax advantages, I’ll have years of fun with it and I could potentially make a half a million dollars in three years! I can’t say that about my Wall Street investments, that’s for sure”.

Win, lose or draw in The Million Dollar Bull Futurity competition, how can anyone go wrong being the owner of Tony’s Triumph,

If you can’t wait until October to own your bucking bull, call Billy Jaynes or Clint Wade (979-478-2855) and mention Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research. You’ll receive all the same benefits and the TPCR foundation will still benefit from a generous donation from Exclusive Genetics.


Thanks for another great time (at the 2010 Swing with the Legends Golf Event) the last two days. The dinner was wonderful as always. Bill does a great job of pulling things all together. Our team had a great time with Art Howe. This event and the wine tasting in the fall are two of the highlights of the year for me as I love wine and visiting with the ball players. Of course the big picture is prostate care and that has always been something I have checked annually and try to get my male friends to do the same. This is all for an excellent cause. Thanks guys.

Don Mach

Sr. Vice President, OmniBank NA

Honoring Your Involvement


“I am approached by many non-profits, but it was the unique focus of this foundation that lured me in! I wanted to DO something to support their work, but I don’t have the big bucks. After talking with the volunteer who recruited me, I realized that my greatest value was to give of my talents and update and optimize the website. In my own small way and in partnership with other volunteers, I have helped to develop a more effective forum for educating others regarding the disease, counseling about early detection, empowering patients and families with alternative treatment options and informing the community on the latest breakthroughs, encouraging second opinions and getting Tony’s contact information ‘out there’ so that he can better serve in his role as Patient Adovcate, 24/7/365, offering comfort and hope, compassion and information. It’s also a way those who do have the big bucks can conveniently donate funds!”

Erik Fruin, President, ELF Computer Consultants, LLC



“We were inspired to become involved during our first photo shoot of a TPCR fund raiser. A diverse representation of the Houston community turned out for the event. There were guests in cowboy hats and snakeskin boots, others in colorful native garb, some in elegant evening attire and the younger set in trendy clothes. Everyone ate and laughed and danced together…yet the impact of the true purpose of the evening was evident everywhere. It wasn’t long before we learned that the Founder of TPCR is living with prostate cancer, and what that meant to his sons. There was an announcement about a medical breakthrough, made possible by the funding of this foundation. We wanted to be a part of this amazing group. It’s been over a year now and we have turned out to photograph and document the fund raisers. The volunteers appreciate the recognition they receive when their picture is published in the media. And the foundation benefits when it gets the word out. We became involved to help others. What a surprise that it enriched our lives in the process. Even our young daughter is exploring her role in philanthropy. She now sells her crayon art work and donates the proceeds to 'worthy causes.' Another generation inspired to give…"

Sandy, Janet and Zoe Buller, Sweet Spirit Productions


Encouraging leadership in philanthropy

First timers approach us with a sincere desire to make a difference. More often than not however, they are very unsure as to whether their gift of time, talent or treasure will make any impact at all. It isn’t long before our volunteers experience the awesome power one has when he/she joins with others to accomplish goals he never dreamed possible. Together they become a part of a greater community which is making cancer history by leaving a legacy of the cure. I will let our volunteers and supporters tell the stories of their motivations and growth in leadership roles:

“I got involved because I wanted to be a part of something I felt I could make a difference in… in short, because Tony makes me want to be a better person.  His passion for the cause is quite contagious.

This is not a huge machine of a charity like so many.  I like that we are community based even though Houston the 4th largest city in the US. We are fortunate to have one of one of the leading facilities in the world to work with and facilitate research.

TPCR is friendly, personable and makes a difference.

I hope we can raise the awareness of prostate cancer and reach the ultimate goal of finding a non invasive cure for prostate cancer.    

Marci Moss, Philanthropist and Volunteer



“Prostate cancer took the lives of two generations of men in my family and now, with my brother, there could be a third. This is why I embraced wholeheartedly the chance to help, as a volunteer, Tony Prostate Cancer Research foundation.  It is extremely important to me that I support, in every way I can, Tony Masraff’s support of the on-going research for the cure that could make this cancer a disease of the past.”

Margaret Anne Isom, Volunteer



“As a granddaughter of a fabulous man who passed from prostate cancer, I was immediately drawn in by the warmth, dedication and informative conversations I would hold with the founder of Tony's Prostate Cancer Research foundation, Tony Masraff.

"As I learned more about the disease, treatments and the research that the Foundation was funding, I found myself as a volunteer and deeply absorbed with learning about and communicating the wonders of the group and its work.  The volunteers are from all walks of life and all age groups.

"I have been volunteering now for over a year and continue to be inspired by the professionalism and devotion of the doctors, lab workers and the hard working volunteers who put in countless hours to obtain the money to fund the lab research. 

"Raising money has been a challenge for 501 (C) (3) organizations during the past two years.  I find that whenever I mention the Masraff's name along with M.D.Anderson, and after I educate people about our mission, they are very happy to participate in the various functions we facilitate to raise money for a cure for cancer."

Celia Ravkind, Volunteer


Specific advancements made possible by your support

To date, the foundation has raised $2.7M to support the research efforts under way at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology. A framed certificate acknowledging the support of the foundation hangs inside the laboratory. In the opening paragraph of last October’s Progress Report on the GLIPR1, Research Scientist, Dr. Timothy Thompson expressed his gratitude for this foundation’s “…generous support of our development of GLIPR1 protein therapy for prostate cancer…which is making a critical and timely impact as we are approaching the home stretch of moving this promising new therapy to clinical trials.”

To quote from the Research Results section of this Progress Report regarding the unique properties of GLIPR1 “ It not only kills cancer cells, but also suppresses angiogenic activities and stimulates T-cell mediated immune response against cancer cells...”

Dr. Thompson has attributed the following advancements and breakthroughs in research to the direct gift support from Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research Foundation: (1)- development of GLIPR1-dTM protein therapeutic (2)- initiation of toxicology and pharmacokinetic studies necessary for IND submission and FDA approval and (3)- development of clinical grade GMP GLIPR1-dTM for phase 1b clinical trial.

President of M.D. Anderson, Dr. John Mendelsohn stated in a letter to the President of TPCR“…Philanthropic support such as yours undergirds the outstanding advances in science and patient care for which M.D. Anderson has become known. The foundation’s … strong commitment to our mission has helped The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center earn its reputation as a world-renowned leader in cancer care. We look forward to a partnership in expanding your influence worldwide.”

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