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Cancer Breakthroughs in the Making - Project Update


The research supported by TPCR made a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in its discovery of GLIPR1 - a protein, which naturally exists in our bodies, and acts as a natural suppressor to cancer development. As a protein it represents a non-toxic treatment for prostate cancer. It has been proven 100% effective in protecting against the growth of cancer in exposed animals, suppressing the continued growth of existing cancer cells and eliminating prostate cancer tumors in a laboratory setting with no side effects. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is proceeding through the process with the FDA for safety testing and eventual clinical trials.  The cure we have been seeking is on the horizon !!!


  • The wheels on this project are now beginning to turn quickly & we ask all of you to get on board…………. Here’s what we have accomplished to date;
  • Have agreement with Baylor School of Medicine (BCM) on all aspects of our future relationship – have a draft license agreement from BCM that provides exclusive GLIPR1 patent licensing and are finalizing terms & conditions.
  • Have agreement with MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) on key aspects of our future relationship. Agreement has been drafted.
  • Raised $1.9 million towards our $4.5 million goal.
  • Have commitments for an additional $.6 million.
  • Have reviewed all the patents held by Baylor.
  • Have formed Glipper Oncology Research, Inc to be TPCR’s funding vehicle for the GLIPR research and to hold the Intellectual Property licensing agreements from BCM and MDACC – TPCR will own the majority of this company with minority ownership position held by BCM.
  • Formalized a contract with a Project leader to represent TPCR’s interest during Phase 1B.
  • Have Identified Therapure Biopharma as our preferred GMP Production facility & have drafted an agreement to manufacture GLIPR1 at FDA standards. Terms and conditions have been agreed upon. Production process has begun.


What we expect to happen over the next twelve months (all items below have been started with draft agreements in process);

  • Finalize our legal documents and process with MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Finalize our legal documents with Baylor School of Medicine with a direct Intellectual Property licensing agreement from BCM into Glipper Oncology Research
  • Formalize Services agreement with MDACC for Tim Thompson’s research team & Chris Logothetis’ clinical team
  • Finalize the formation Glipper Oncology Research, Inc. with TPCR as the majority owner
  • Raise the remaining funds needed for GMP production 

THIS is what you and every supporter of TPCR can consider a part of your own legacy !!! 

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PLEASE JOIN Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research on this EXCITING NEW ADVENTURE………………



Background on TPCR Supported Efforts to find a non-invasive Cure for Prostate Cancer

Since launching TPCR in 2002 your support has made it possible to resurrect the very promising research on the GLIPR1 protein which had been shelved due to funding cut-backs and have;

  • Lead a paradigm-shift in research. Rethinking cancer therapy to use biological therapy-molecules your body produces to neutralize cancer cell reproduction.
  • Allowed MD Anderson to conduct in-vivo clinical trials in lab animals to find the therapeutic dose.
  • Seen researchers close-in on the event that starts cancer growth, identifying genes, diet and behaviors
  • Lead to Developing a method to make GLIPR1 protein modifications and purifications, which when injected systemically will allow it to seek out  prostate cancer cells and eradicate them.
  • Discovered that the presence of GLIPR1 facilitates the success of chemotherapy, increasing the response 100 fold in some cases.

Research Scientist Dr. Timothy Thompson said. “Thanks to Tony Masraff what we are doing with the GLIPR1 is a paradigm shift in the medical community which couldn’t have been possible without your support and involvement over the years. Thank you Tony and all who support TPCR. This has been a life-changing experience for me and for all of us at MD Anderson.” Tony takes his role as Steward of your donated dollars very seriously. Under his scrutiny the funds donated by TPCR have been leveraged from 10 to 20 times their value and are used solely for research.

MD Anderson, with TPCR’s support, has identified a promising new therapy for prostate cancer

In late 2011 a team of scientists with the FDA scrutinized the research of the MD Anderson team supported by TPCR for efficacy and safety, reviewed the clinical trial protocol and made recommendations. The challenge which lies ahead is to raise the monies needed to activate the process to produce the drug and perform abbreviated human trials. The process to begin to produce the drug that will be used in clinical trials is now underway. TPCR, with the support of the research team, is proceeding with fundraising efforts directed specifically at raising the monies needed for the Phase 1B trials. This Phase will require;

  • manufacture of the GLIPR1 in a GMP (good manufacturing process) Environment
  • re-testing of all animals involved in the laboratory tests, and
  • clinical trials of a small group of high-risk prostate cancer patients

We expect this process to take 1.5 to 2 years and cost up to $4.0 million. To date TPCR has received over 50% of the needed funds and continues to hold informational meetings & “power lunches” with interested donors to provide details on the research and our progress towards finding the “Cure”.

There are strong indications that the GLIPR1 protein could lead to major answers for not only prostate cancer, but other cancers as well, since this protein is present in both men and women.

Follow our progress by watching the funding graph that is now a part of TPCR’s website, We will also be updating our informational meeting dates on our website.

Your Team Leaders;

Tony Masraff – TPCR Founder & Chairman

Russell Masraff – TPCR Board Member

Bill Bracken – TPCR Event Chair & Treasurer

Timothy Thonpson – MD Anderson Research Team Leader

Chris Logothetis – MD Anderson Clinical Studies Lead

David McWilliams – GLIPR1 Project Leader

Michael Blaney – Legal/Patent Services


I’m excited to bring you up-to date on the status of the research of the GLIPR1, a natural cancer suppressant protein found in our organs. This was possible through the generous donations and attendance at our past fund raiser events.

In a nutshell:

  • we are curing 100% of  human prostate cancer in mice with no detectable side-effects
  • we received FDA approval for Phase 1B experimental testing on humans  and quickly
  • contracted with  Bio Technology Company, per FDA requirement, to begin producing a purified form of the GLIPR 1 protein in preparation for its use on our first group of men with advanced stage prostate cancer.
  • Development of the GLIPR1 protein therapy for the cure began first quarter 2014
  • Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research foundation owns exclusive rights to the GLIPR1 protein therapy for the cure Patents
  • To date TPCR has raised approximately 8 million dollars for research that has led to the current status of the GLIPR protein.
  • The development phase, our next phase of the GLIPR1 will cost $4M. We have already raised $2.5M . We are over half-way there!
  • to stay on target with our timeline, we are challenged to raise another $1.5 by next spring


TIMELINE for Mouse, Primate and Human TESTING

  • within the first quarter of 2015, we anticipate testing mice with the FDA approved purified version of the protein,
  • followed in the summer by similar testing on monkeys and finally
  • in the last quarter of 2015 (or early 2016) our first group of men will receive the GLIPR1 protein therapy for the cure !
  • I’m looking forward to celebrating these milestones with you. I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

My sincerest thanks for making cancer history a part of your legacy too!!

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